The apprenticeship program allows participants to learn valuable job skills while working and earning a wage. It combines classroom study with on-the-job experience and leads to professional certification as a journeyperson. Apprentices learn their trade while working under the supervision and direction of a certified journeyperson.

Youth Apprenticeship

A youth apprentice is 16 to 19 years old.  Youth apprentices can start gaining hours toward their certification.  They do not attend the technical training until they are 20 years old.  While in high school, youth apprentices can work part time and full time during the summer or school breaks.  Youth out of school can also work full time. 

Apprentices need to have completed Grade 12 or have their GED, so the youth apprenticeship program was designed to support people who are interested in beginning their career early before or shortly after their graduation.

Youth apprentices are supervised on a one-to-one basis by certified tradespeople and are paid like other workers for their hours.

Benefits of Apprenticeship Training

Earn while you learn – your salary is in accordance with provincial standards and increases as each state of the program is completed

Keep student debt low – the apprenticeship program allows you to save money while studying

Job opportunities – skilled workers are in demand across the province, country and world

Eligibility for employment insurance during in-class training – you may be eligible to receive Employment Insurance benefits while training

Receive personal training and mentorship – learn high-level skills through personal, on-the-job training from a highly qualified journeyperson

Acquire skills that will last a lifetime – the skills you learn will open doors to other opportunities, whether it’s advanced training or opening your own business


After completing the apprenticeship program and becoming certified, you can work anywhere in Canada, provided you pass the Red Seal Exam. This allows you to cross provincial barriers without having to rewrite and pass certification exams. Most trades could take you from the Northwest Territories to British Columbia to Newfoundland. All you need is your certification and a sense of adventure!

Learn more about the Red Seal Certifications.

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