Safety Training



Workplace injuries occur every day. That’s why all BFY participants are required to complete a two-week safety training program with NSCC faculty and Construction Safety Nova Scotia. After completing the course, students receive an NSCC Construction Safety Awareness Certificate and are ready to get to work! This training could cost you hundreds of dollars down the road if you were to do it on your own - as a BFY student, you will receive this training at no cost.

  • Online Training in WHMIS, OH&S, First Aid/CPR prior to arriving at NSCC
  • NSCC Construction Safety Awareness Certificates, which include Fall Protection, Scaffolding, Electricity, Confined Spaces, Traffic Control, Tool Box ID, Hand & Power Tools, Documents/Drawings, Trades Match and more
  • Construction Safety Nova Scotia certificates in Fall Arrest Worker & Scaffolding Awareness
  • CANS administered Workplace Expectations

What you Need to Know While on the Job

Your Role
  • Ask for the training you need
  • Follow the safety rules and regulations
  • Report all injuries and unsafe working conditions
  • Wear appropriate protective equipment
  • Be accountable – safety is everyone’s responsibility
Your Rights
  • The Right to Know – you have a right to information on issues that affect your health and safety
  • The Right to Refuse – you have the right to refuse unsafe or unhealthy work
  • The Right to Participate – you have the right to participate in the selection of members of a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee or a Health and Safety Representative.
  • The Right to Report – you have the right to report unsafe conditions and voice your concerns on any issue that affects your health and safety, or the health and safety of anyone at the workplace.
Questions to Ask
  • When will I receive job safety training?
  • How do I use the equipment properly and safely?
  • What do I do if there’s an emergency situation?
  • What are the hazards on the job?
  • Am I in contact with any hazardous materials?
  • What safety gear do I need to wear?
  • With whom do I discuss safety concerns or report unsafe working conditions?
  • Do I know and have everything to do my job safely?


Speak up! It's illegal for an employer to fire or punish you for reporting a workplace issue.

Explore Construction Safety Nova Scotia's Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about workplace safety.