Do you know a student who is interested in a career in construction?

If you are a teacher of a student who plans to apply for our program there are few things you need to know;

  • The student should be enrolled in the Co-op or O2 program; either in first or second semester.  The student must complete the in school pre-placement component (25hrs) before beginning their first co-op credit at NSCC (usually begins in May).
  • The student must be 16 years of age by May 1st of 2017 and have a valid social insurance number. As well, the student must complete the WHMIS and Safety Orientation courses before he/she attends NSCC in May.

See below for application deadlines in your school board:

AVRSB        Dec 21
CBVRSB      Dec 16
CCRSB        Dec 16
HRSB          Dec 15
SRSB           Dec 16
SSRSB         Dec 16
TCRSB        Dec 16

Please Note: CSAP deadlines will vary by the board they are located in geographically.

All applications and supporting documentation (cover letter, reference forms, etc.) MUST be received before the deadline for your application to be considered. Need forms?

Teacher Reference Form

Community Reference Form