Women In Trades

Encouraging women to choose construction careers has become an increasingly important focus for the industry. BuildForce Canada estimates that tradeswomen currently account for less than 5% of workers employed in direct on-site trades and occupations, where demand for workers is greatest.

BuildForce Canada’s 2020–2029 Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward report stresses the importance of looking to the skills and energies of women to help empower the construction labour force of the future. Of the 1.1 million tradespeople employed in the industry last year, women made up only 4.7%. Women are also underrepresented in off-site construction positions.

Check out the links below for more information about careers for women in trades.


  • Considered a national best practice, Techsploration’s award-winning 4-phase program model provides young women in Grades 9 through 12 with opportunities to explore science, engineering, trades, and technology occupations, while creating awareness about the critical role of work in their lives. It also helps them understand the significance of high school math and science for their future careers. Check out their video series that highlights ‘Women in Action’ and ‘Power and Possibilities.

Women Unlimited

  • The Women Unlimited Association is a not-for-profit women’s organization in Nova Scotia that promotes the full participation of women in trades and technology. We work with industry, governments, educational institutions and the community to address the systemic barriers that limit the participation of diverse women in these fields. Check out their Women at Work publication, a resource that shares stories of women who have worked their way towards a rewarding career in trades and technology.

Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency – Women in Trades

  • The Women in Trades (WIT) Office is newly established within the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (NSAA) as a result of two federally funded initiatives. The focus of both initiatives is to recruit, retain and advance women in the skilled trades where they are under-represented, and to provide women with a more successful apprenticeship pathway. Learn more about supports available for women on construction and skilled trades.

Build Together, Women of the Building Trades – Canada’s Building Trades Union 

Canadian Construction Women

  • Canadian Construction Women creates a stronger construction industry by inspiring and supporting women. We provide members with opportunities for support, mentoring, networking, community involvement, learning and development, in order to see that a career in the building industry offers a world of opportunity. Check out their list of books and articles on various topics about women in construction.

The Office to Advance Women Apprentices Nova Scotia

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